Is ddr3 graphics card compatible with intel core 2 duo processor

is ddr3 graphics cards compatible with intel core 2 duo processors?? my motherboard is intel DG31PR
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  1. The RAM on a graphic card work independently from the system RAM. You'll have no problems with a graphic card which has DDR3 or DDR5 VRAM.
  2. ^+1
    Your CPU doesn't care what your GPU has in Vram. Good luck.
  3. Even I was told that I couldn't run a DDR3 GPU(9800GT) on my Motherboard .Today,I am running a GDDR5 HD 6850 with my core 2 Duo without any problems other than my PSU. :P Hope this helps. :)
  4. thanx evrybdy :) :)
  5. Your welcome and good luck.
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