Just installed the GTX 680

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  1. Nice looking rig. To many wires behind it. Oh did you say What the bleep is my bleep? :D AWW bleep :sol: And Bleep to you to. :o
  2. That case is too red.
  3. nice i should upload my case too :P
  4. Looking good there!
  5. I had another GTX 680 on order, but cancelled. Maybe I will run SLI later on, when I get my 120hz monitor. Card is very quiet, idle @35c load 75c eats up BF3 @ 1080p. Just hope these thing will be easier to get soon!
  6. Yeah maybe when in a year or two when I can afford one.
  7. Where did u bought the 680 ?! XD
    Nice looking rig tho :P
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