What's the Best A+ book out there?

Sup all. I'm going to try for the A+ certification from CompTIA. I've went to some bookstore and B&N. The # of book on A+ is too much for me to decide. So I want to hear some of your experience and if any suggestions for me. Currently I'm leaning over to Microsoft Press's A+ certification.
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More about what book there
  1. I've got the ExamCram A+ book sitting on a shelf at my desk here. It's a great book, but I think it's outdated. Let me check...yeup, it's outdated. The objectives changed in January of 2001, and didn't take effect until the end of March 2001. But, that means that the majority of the books will have the old objectives. I don't know how different the books themselves would be, the test are just two large ones instead of one medium-sized one.

    Anyhow, go and find the newest book you can (look at the copyright dates), and thumb through it a bit to see if you like the format. The more technical books you own, the easier it is to recognize what you like.

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  2. Well, the microsoft press one's updated, but it doesn't come with updated question. I really want what ppl here prefer over another and why. So I'll know the pro and con of each book
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