Screen goes black/buzzing noise/no BSoD due to hard reset need.

Okay, so I've been having an annoying problem with a completely new build, basically any game (or at least games I've tried so far, Eve Online, Civ V, Crysis) will sooner or later lead to a system crash (typically around 1-2 hours, though can happen within 30 minutes, can also keep going for hours on end) where the screen blacks out, makes a buzzing noise, and forces a hard restart in order to move on. Because of this, I can't get a BSoD/any memory dump (that being said, I can't seem to get it to BSoD in any circumstance, the Ctrl+(ScrLk)x2 doesn't work).

-So far I can all but rule out the RAM issues (memtest86+, 39 hours with both sticks in, 34 with one stick and like 29 with the other, no errors).
-Overheating doesn't seem to be a problem either as the temperatures never get any higher than 60C (watched them in-game with Afterburner, as well as tabbing out to an already open HWMonitor).
-Furmark on the GPU leads to only 70C at 99% and levels off there long before finishing the 15 minutes.
-Passed all basic tests using SeaTools on the HDD.
-No errors or noteworthy events show up in the Event Viewer until rebooting after crash, at which point the only errors are just pointing out there was an unexpected crash.
-Everything completely up-to-date as far as Windows Update is concerned.

-Prime95 seems concerning, shoots the cores up to 89-95C range and the overall CPU reading being 87C, but levels off at those temps. This is using the stock cooler that comes with the i5, is this within expectations for stock?
-MemtestCL also gave off some worrying stats, averages around 25 million errors in only the random blocks test, but there is apparently problems with AMD cards and this test. Still, of all the cases I've read of other people doing it, 25 million seems ridiculously high (didn't see anyone report higher than 10,000), anyone have experience with this test? Is this grounds to get an RMA?

System specs:
i5 2500k
MSI HD 7870
2x Corsair Vengeance 4GB 1600MHz (CMZ8GX3M2A1600C9)
850W Seasonic M12II-850
WD Caviar Black (WD1002FAEX)
TP-Link 300Mbps wireless card (TL-WN951N)
Windows 7 Ultimate 64 Bit
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  1. [with the stock cpu cooler those temps were fine. I would first ask have you put the memory update (bios) that have been posted on asus web page or you still running the first stock bios. the bios updates have new cpu code and to make the mb more stable. if not use a fat 16/32 usb stick and update the bios from dos. it keep the mb from being bricked. i would then reset the bios to stock and then reboot and go back into the bios and set the ram up using xmp profile in ai tweeker. if you dont set the bios speed to xmp it default to 1333 or non standard ram timing for 1600 that can cause your mb under stress to lock up.
    cpu-z has a spd tab it read your ram info and tell you what the xmp profile should be set to for timing and voltage. if it still locks up on you i would use open hardware monitor to see if your power supply or mb under load is not holding one of the voltage legs up. the only thing i can add is the ps fan it coming on when the ps is being loaded down so that there no thermal runaway.
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