New 7850 failing on (some) gpu usage.

Originally running 2 ati hd4850 to dual monitors (not in crossfire). Computer worked properly before hand.

Bought a single ati hd7850 to replace one of the 4850s and be used to game on one of my monitors. Also bought a new 700W PSU to be safe with power.

Certain GPU usages seem to trigger the driver to catastrophically fail and cause my computer to hang. These include but are not limited to: Counterstrike source, League of Legends, facebook photo browsing. On occasion I am able to play/utilize the gpu for long periods of time, but the driver always fails after a time. Beside actually working sometimes, it will sometimes just fail temporarily and give a "Display driver has stopped working but recovered" error. I noticed that closing any open windows caused a checkerboard pattern of the image displayed as they disappear, could maybe be considered artifacts? (Beside this effect there is no other sign of a faulty card so I am skeptical). Running Win7 64 bit

What I've tried:
Just the 7850 running 1 monitor.
8.95, 12.3, 12.4 beta ati drivers.
Updated chipset driver (X58 running i7-930, for reference)
Loaded only the display drivers (no "ATI HD Audio" "Hydravision" etc drivers)

Any suggestions?
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  1. Update: Computer worked for 2 days straight, decided to fail on a random youtube video.

    Cause still unknown.

    No one has any suggestions?
  2. BigMack70 said:
    So wait you're running a 7850 + 4850 currently?

    If so, I suspect that the problem is that the drivers don't know how to handle such an unusual setup. I'd test the 7850 individually and see if you still get problems. I know you mentioned trying this, but it's unclear from your post if that affected your stability or not.

    Also always worth trying atiman uninstaller to do a clean wipe of your drivers and then reinstalling the newest version (12.4 just released today).

    If you are sure the driver install is clean, and the 7850 has issues on its own (without being overclocked), then I would RMA the 7850.

    The 7850 alone has the exact same stability issues, just to make that clear.

    I uninstalled 12.3, ran driver sweeper, installed 12.4, same issues.

    The 7850 hasn't been overclocked.

    I am hesitant to RMA but if thats my only option I guess I will have to.
  3. All the X8XX series cards seem to have this problem, I'm pretty sure it has to do with driver code since the hardware is so different.
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