How much FPS will a GTX 680 give me?

I cant for the darn life of me find benchmarks for these games, so I'd love some input guys!!

I have a GTX 680 x1 on the way, (2 days, YAY!) And I have a currently, i5 2550k @ 3.4GHz. I can OC my i5 easy since I have a GREAT cooler. My question is 1) What FPS will I get on each game and 2) Should I OC my CPU/GPU, which, and to what clocks?

L4D2 (LOL!!):
Minecraft (Rofl, like 20783fps):

There are other top games that I'm not thinking of... but yea all games will be ran @ x1 monitor, 1080p, no 3D, ultra settings.
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  1. what? they are everywhere

    GTA: unknow but is incorrectly programmed you will have issues
    BF3: 65 could drop in massive multiplayer
    BO: 75
    L4D2: for portal 2 they have 100+
    Skyrim: 90
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    Here are a few benchmarks to look at however the test Pc was a little dated with an X-58 chipset and a i7-965 cpu so your numbers should be a little higher and as an example I have the same motherboard but the 980x cpu and my numbers were a little higher even with a GTX 580 or two or three. With three way SLI with the GTX 580 I was getting over 150 fps and with two I was getting just about 100 fps. To be honest I didn't notice much of a difference with two or three cards the game still looked fantastic and ran super smooth. So there isn't much need to overclock unless you just want to see what you can get for a high fps. The real benefit of getting higher fps is that there is no interuption in the flow of the game no matter what the amount of action is. There could be the most intense firefight with explosions every where and there is no slow down or freezing interuption it's just smooth. Then there's the COD games which are capped at 91 fps no matter what you have for a card.
  3. well gta4 with everything completely max and the cpu at 4.0 you well get 30 to 50 fps

    L4D2 probably around 150 to 250 depending on the situation

    those are the only games i've played and note i don't have the gtx 680 but my 7950 is close behind it so we would have similar performance
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