FPS mouse choice and gaming headset.


I have a budget of £40-50 for a mouse and £60-70 for a headset and I'm really stuck for choice.

I have my eye on the Logitech G500, the Corsair M60 and the R.A.T 5 but have been leaning towards the RAT, however after reading some reviews on amazon about all of them I am baffled, they all have at least 10 horrible reviews. The only thing putting me off the Logitech is the way the buttons are designed (too close) the M60 was made for a palm grip so isn't really my first choice... I guess the question is how good is the RAT 5?

I have very little knowledge about headsets, I want something that has good clean sound for music but with the ability to turn the bass up for games, I also spent a lot of time on Skype so the mic would ideally be noise canceling. I have been looking at the Corsair Vengance 1500 and thats about it.

If any of you own one of the above tell me your thoughts, otherwise any input would be appreciated =)

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  1. I haven't used any of those mice, but I just wanted to say don't put a lot of stock into newegg/amazon reviews. There will always be a few people that hate it or had a bad experience with a product no matter how good it is. I have had a death adder for over 3 years and it still works good. I always hear people knocking Razer's quality, but I have had nothing but good experiences.
  2. I use a Razer Deathadder and it works very well. very responsive with a great feel. I have owned it for over two years now and it still works great.

    As far as headsets I don't know much, but I would probably trust Razer based on the quality of their mice and keyboards, check em out.
  3. I use a RAT 5 I love it and never had a problem. There are bad reviews though as some had quality issues though I don't know anyone 1st hand that has actually had the issues.
  4. i have the Corsair Vengance 1500 and its pretty good for both games and music

    my old sennheisers were better for music but not for games

    also got the corsair m60 mouse

    cant fault that either

    quality built

    i dont use a palm grip but a finger tip grip and have no problems with it
  5. If the RAT and the Corsair are both great then I guess it comes down to a mouse that looks like a stealth bomber or a nice matte mouse with blue glow =)

    as for the headset ima go for a Corsair Vengance 1300 and a Asus Xsonar DGX sound card.
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