3 Monitor (Eyefinity) connections / screen tearing

I have read that using different connectors can cause screen tearing, it appears to be on all monitors.

I have the HD 6990 which has 4 mini-display port and 1 DVI.

I have screen 2 and 3 connected via display port to HDMI and screen 1 (left side is DVI to HDMI)

If I use display port to HDMI for screen 1, when I boot up I get no video. So if all 3 use display port = no video.

To clarify, yes I'm using a passive and active display port adapter.

Hopefully it's something simple that I can change in the CCC
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  1. So let me get this straight you have display 2 and 3 connected via a DP to HDMI cable, but when you connect screen 1 with a similar cable you get no video? That is because the 6990 only has 2 video clocks, and required the use of an active adapter for a third display. If using the active adapter dosen't work, then report back.
  2. I have:

    DVI to HDMI on screen 1
    DP to HDMI on screen 2 (passive display port adapter - comes with card)
    DP to HDMI on screen 3 (active display port adapter - non powered, you don't need the powered one unless you push above 1980x1200 res monitor)

    When I change screen 1 to DP to HDMI (like the others) I get no video. Basically leading me to believe I need to have DVI always connected.
  3. Possible. It could also be that the manufacture only assigned clocks to the DVI and one of the DP ports (meaning another active adapter would work).
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