Video Causing Computer to Freeze?

Hey everybody!

I'm having a weird problem that started about a month or two ago, but has become a daily occurrence, and now is even happening moments after I play any video.

Basically, whenever I play any type of video (using ANY media player, any website, etc), the video on my computer will completely freeze and glitch out on me, causing the screen to get weird matrix-like lines on it, and distorts the colors of whatever is on screen.
Sometimes when this happens, I can still hear the audio playing in the background like there is nothing wrong at all. Other times, even the audio bugs out. And, on very very rare occasions, the computer is able to fix itself after a brief moment.
But 90% of the time I have to do a forced restart, because nothing else fixes it.

I have two pictures here of my computer screen:

My graphics card is an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560, and my driver number is 296.10.
I have no installed any new hardware recently.

I have run multiple different anti virus software full scans, MANY times, and I have not caught anything.

NOTE: This is a screenshot of my computer monitor while watching a Mass Effect 3 video that I have taken with my Hauppauge HD PVR. I was NOT playing Mass Effect 3, or any other game. This problem happens regardless of what video I watch, where I watch it, etc.
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  1. this driver is the problem 100% certainly, use 295.73 driver, or upgrade to the latest beta 301.24.

    This 296.10 driver is with that problem everyone complained about that on Nvidia forum... this is for some specific systems don't happen to everyone, but if you had it, just rollback to 295.73 very stable drivers, or test the new 301.24 awesome driver also with FXAA feature on control panel right now.
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