Upgrading on a Biostar TH55B HD Mobo

My Specs
Biostar TH55B HD Motherboard
Intel i3 540
Kingston 2GB 1333mhz Ram

Would you be able to suggest a way in which I could upgrade my PC with $550 as a budget to be able to play all the latest games.

Thank You
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  1. What performance level do you want to be at? if its BF3 on ultra you need to replace the mobo + proc with a z77 + i5 (or just grab an old i5 for that socket perhaps) another 2gb of ram atleast (id go with 8gb) and a 7950

    If your not opposed to putting a few settings on high + turning down AA a bit then I would just pop in a 6970 + 8gb of ram and see where your at in terms of performance

    Assuming ofcourse your psu can handle it.
  2. I have an 350w, I am gonna have to change that as well.
    I plan on creating a SLI later by changing the motherboard but then i will have to not take a graphic card. And I heard that the gaming that can be done on the onboard graphics of Ivy Bridge are pretty good
    do you think it is a better option to upgrade the motherboard with a new processor or getting a graphic's card with my current mobo
  3. You would definitely see a MASSIVE improvement in games with an extra 2gb of ram + a new gpu. Your cpu is still pretty ok by todays standards.

    Now it depends on what your preference in graphics are, if you want to play most games on say medium/high settings at 1920 x 1080 then I would just grab a 7750 and call it a day. If replacing your psu is fine, grab a 650-750w and a 7870

    Either way atleast some gpu and atleast another 2gb of ram (id go with 8gb since its only around 40 bucks right now) would be a massive improvement.

    And Ivy bridge onboard gpu isn't really all that good for gaming
  4. what do you think about the gtx 560 ti , is it worth going for that or the 7750?
    I personally prefer Nvidia cards since they have Physx and 3D Vision
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    Yes the 560ti would be a massive upgrade.

    560ti = 6950
    7750 = 6770

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