CPU load decrease while playing games

First off, I have a Core 2 Duo T7700 with a maximal frequency of 2.5GHz.
It is paired with an overclocked NVS 135M (a very decent 650MHz GPu core, 504MHz GPU memory) with 128MB.
The RAM is a DDR2 667MHz with 3GB of available space.

Okay. During gaming, the fans set at 80% give:

55-60C CPU
72-76C GPU

I use this laptop for playing world of tanks. It runs on a single core.

CPU frequency, multiplier, everything is fixed to its maximal values using Throttlestop.

I have two issues:
CPU runs at 58% (one core maxed @ 50% with 8% background processes) load at game startup, the first few matches too. Then it it steadily gets lower and lower the longer the game is running. After one hour, the total load is only 48%. Past an hour and a half, it stabilizes at a low 44% total usage. This means I start at a good 35fps and have to stop and restart the computer after fps goes down to a bad 18-22fps...

The GPU runs at 97% at first, then at 95% after an hour. Overclocking another 25mhz hass no effect on this problem (fps is only higher at beginning of gaming session)

Second issue:
During sniper mode shooting, the computer has to load new map textures quickly. Instead of increasing load....it falls drastically. In the middle of the texture loading, the total CPU usage is only 16%!!
Once textures are loaded, fps and load resumes normal rates.
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  1. One thing I have considered is the PSU. It's a generic 90W AC adaptor that gets reallllly hot after a while.. Could this reduce the available wattage leading to a slower CPU?

    And before you ask again, the temps stated are the maximal temps.

    PS: If this could help
    I have an M4300 precision that has a D830 motherboard. Pci-e1.1?
    I have reduced the textures used ingame to the 3% version of the original mones. They are now smaller than the 128MB of the GPU...
    I have set my nvidia config to the maximal performance possible, no vsync, no AA or post effects, 1 prerendered frame, optimised trilinear, everything!
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