Does the slower processor in the alienware m11x preform the same?

I am wondering if the processors in the m11x are just as good as the ones in the m14x even though they're slower?
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    If you are comparing CPUs:
    -the best the m11x can run is a: i7-2637m:
    -the best the m14x can run is a: i7-3820qm:

    Assuming you are gaming, either will do but I think it should be obvious that the m14x has a more powerful, speedier CPU (just look at the clock speeds). You certainly don't need the i7-3820qm to game on a 1600x900 screen, but maybe you want the power for something else, I dunno.

    If you are comparing the GPUs:
    -m11x runs NVIDIA GT540m on a 1366x768 screen.
    -m14x runs NVIDIA GT650m on a 1600x900 screen.

    The m14x has a better GPU for sure. But for the m11x resolution and price, the 540m is fine. It's not going to blow you away, but then again its a lot less money than the other.
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  3. alright thanks
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