Momentary fps drops please help

Looking for some insight so I can hopefully resolve this very annoying issue before d3 goes Live on the 15th as I will be playing hardcore. My problem is this...
While playing games such as swtor or the d3beta I am experiencing weird momentary fps dips. I will be playing smoothly at 80 or so fps, and then suddenly I drop to about 1-5 fps for a few seconds and then all is back to normal. This has been ongoing for about 2weeks now and I'm not sure what it can be. I did a clean win7 install lately, tried 2 different nvidia driver installs, tweaked here and there but nothing seems to work. Has anybody else experienced an issue like this? If so, does anybody have some ideas as to how one may fix it?
P.s Let me add that when this fps dip occurs it seems something in my tower gets a bit louder for a sec also. Perhaps mem/ram usage ?? Hoping this may help out. Thanks, awaiting a reply!
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  1. 1). Post full system specs, please.

    2). does the problem happen in other games?
  2. Yes it was happening while my sub was still active for SWTOR

    amd phenom II 955 oc'd @ 4.0ghz
    560ti twin frozr
    8gb g.skill ram 1600mhz
    24 " synaps lcd
    500gb hdd
    asus m4a7xtd evo mobo
    650w gx coolermaster ps
    win 7 64bit
  3. Since you say something gets louder. Have you checked your temps and maxing your components out with Furmark (GPU) and Prime95 (CPU)

    Run both of those at separate times for atleast 15-20 minutes, keep an eye on temps. Furmark has a built in temperature but for prime95 you are going to have to download a temperature monitor like HWmonitor.

    (Blend test is fine for prime95, for Furmark put it on whatever native resolution your on + max AA/AF)
  4. Yup, sounds like a classic throttling issue. Download HWMonitor like mouse24 said and play your games, and see what the max temps are.

    Another program that'll help is MSI Afterburner, it'll show you if your GPU clock speeds are clocking back during the fps drops. If they're are and you're temps are really high, then you probably need to do a good air can dusting of the gpu and case.

    If it's clocking back and the temps are good, then it's a driver issue most likely. In which case you should try wiping your drivers and re-installing the latest rendition.
  5. Thanks for the replies so far guys. I had both hwmonitor and msiafternurner downloaded and was actually doing that. I didn't notice any sever temp gains. This problem just recently started as I mentioned. Just prior to 1 month ago it didn't happen. I will continue to monitor temps though.

    P.s. When the OnScreenDisplay 'worked', (which it doesn't seem to want to now) for me with afterburner playing D3, when the fps dip occurred I think I noticed either gpu usage or the mem usage dip very low at that time and then sky rocket back up.. What would cause this ??
  6. A few things can cause this symptom, but most is generally a driver issue. Try updating your gpu driver. Download the latest from Nvidia, and select Clean Install when it shows up in the setup. If that doesn't fix your problem try this more manual approach.

    - Download latest driver from
    - Download Driver Sweeper
    - Disconnect from the internet (Prevents Windows from automatically installing some drivers after you uninstall)
    - Go to control panel and to Programs and Features and uninstall everything that has Nvidia in front of it, do Nvidia graphics driver last. Reboot every time it prompts to.
    - Run Driver sweeper and remove anything Nvidia except your chipset if it's an nForce chipset, and then reboot again.
    - Install the new driver, which you downloaded first.

    Hopefully one of those will fix it.
  7. Thanks I will do this. I will try this approach. Should I downloaded the latest beta driver or the latest full functioning etc
  8. Try the latest WHQL Driver just to keep it low risk, we're trying to fix this issue, and the beta driver may invite another. Though i've used loads of nvidia's beta drivers without issue so it's just a precaution.

    296.10 is the latest WHQL
    301.24 is the latest Beta available on the nvidia site.

    Edit: versions mixed up, all better.
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