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I am having a CM Elite 335 and the mesh is always clogged out with dust quite quickly ... the dust "filters" are just sponge that are hard to wash. Dust doesn't fall off too easily, and since its sponge, it kind of "disintegrate", if you know what I mean.

So I am looking for a case thats known to trap less dust (no mesh), or have a proper dust filter (looking at SilverStone TJ 8). Its meshed but at least it looks like it has a proper dust filter. Its kind of expensive tho ...
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    You want a dust free case that has effectively no dust filters on them...
    Don't wash them, get a vacuum and suck the dust off the filters.
  2. Oh I don't need something with no dust, but I was just dissapointed by how ineffective the "filers" are. Vacuum is something I do sometimes (rarely actually ...) I thought washing was easier, no need to carry the slightly bulky cleaner around
  3. If your dust filters clog up quickly and require cleaning often, consider yourself lucky! To me, this says:

    1. Your place has a lot of dust, so filters are NEEDED; and,
    2. The filters you have a doing a good job. If they didn't catch the dust, you would find it inside your case all over everything.
  4. I used to wash my filters and was a pain. My case has an individual filter for each 5.25" cover in the front, and it's full of them from top to bottom. The best way I found is to take a strong vacuum, I use a Dyson, and just suck the dust out from the front (the way it went in). It does a grand job. Once every 6 months I blow the entire thing our with an air compressor. The foam spongy filters do just fine. They are usually thicker than others and trap quite a bit of debris. They also still allow airflow when they get dusty.

    Some things to consider if you have to clean your filters often.
    - You should clean and dust your residence more often because there is a lot of dust in the air that your case is sucking in. Make sure if you have central air that you clean your filters or replace them.
    - Make sure it is up off the floor where dust likes to blow around.
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