Used GTX 295 for $100.00 a good deal?

A friend upgraded his system and he had 2 GTX 295 in SLI. He's been letting me use one of them for about a week now and it works really well compared to my old HD 4870. I can run SWTOR on high very smoothly without any lag.

He said he'd sell it to me for $100 and I checked it out on line and some store have it new for $450.00.

I was thinking of buying a HD7850 but looking at Tom's GPU hierarchy, the GTX 295 is on the same level as the 7850.

So. Should I buy the GTX 295 for $100.00?
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  1. Get the GTX 295. It will perform similarly to HD 7850, but will cost you 3 times less. Even though it does not support directx 11, but you can count games that works with it on your fingers. It's not a necessity yet.
  2. For me, a card that does not support DX11 would be a deal breaker. But I play a lot of the games that support DX11, like Crysis 2, Metro 2033, BF3, AVP. DX11 games are slowly becoming the norm for big AAA games (None require DX11), so you can get away without having it for a while, just depends on how much you want out your games.

    But for $100, the 295 will be a more than adequate card for most games for a good year or two.
  3. Most of the games still look and run great on dx10 and dx9 so i will take gtx 295
  4. Thanks to everyone who replied.

    Please fix the "Select best answer button." Thank you.
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