IS this power supply sufficient for this system?

Hello folks, not sure I have much to worry about but figured Id ask ahead of time.

I recently got another machine, used system of course and it has a Corsair GS 700 powersupply in it.

Machine had a decent graphics card and ran well with a fresh copy of windows. I have since then replaced the graphics card with a gtx 550ti And noticed a decent voltage drop under load. Before the PSU was running slightly above 12volts. But running it with the new card it drops to as low as 11.72 (under full GPU load)

Whats the lowest voltage that should be tolerable for a gaming rig, would anyone recommend a better one or should this one be ok?

AMD Phenom II X4 @3.2ghz
12 GB Wintek WMP DDR3@1600
EVGA GTX 550ti
Seagate Barracuda 750GB (:C) and 1TB (:D)
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  1. That power supply has plenty of wattage for your system. If you are intested in a new one, I would go with a Seasonic 520w modular unit.
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    In all honesty, a Corsair CX430V2 would suffice for your entire rig INCLUDING overclocking. The GS700 is highly overkill :lol:
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  4. Alright thanks for the info. Overkill or not its what came in the case. As long as it does the job thats it. Gonna be my cousins new gaming rig and just needed to make sure this on is up to the task.
  5. :lol: You're very welcome! On the bright side, your cousin can upgrade his components at will without worrying about ANYTHING :) 700w is enough juice for a KILLER rig!
  6. eh I do all the upgrading/ pc repair for my family, been working with computers since I was 12 (26 now.) I just like to ask a few things from time to time to make sure everything works out all right. Never really used that kinda of PSU as I prefer Seasonic so I figured Id ask because of that fact, I know Corsiar's RAM is pretty good though. Can never be too careful about a PSU regardless what its rated. I'll keep that in mind though in case he decides to upgrade later on, might do a mild OC on it. Well within limitations of the CPU cooler anyways, its just barely better then stock sadly.
  7. Very true about PSU ratings. If I'm not mistaken, Seasonic is still the OEM for Corsair PSU's so you know they're reliable.
  8. Thats what ive heard but wasn't sure if it was a rumor or not, never really used a Corsiar PSU but if that is True then I should have nothing to worry about, ive used mainly seasonic for all my rigs. But still with brands/vendors i'm not familiar with regardless how good a name they are supposed to be, I do ask around for others with such experiance using said brands/vendors. Some can be quiet misleading and horrible. Big difference from a contant wattage supply and a max rated one that can't even pull 80% of whats it rated, thanks for the heads up though.
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