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Hey guys,

My dad is an accountant with now ageing PC hardware, so as my knowledge of workstation and profession PC's is limited, Ive agreed to post on here to see if you guys can help the ol' man out!

What he wants is:

- A desktop pc
- Capable of running Dual monitors (20"+ screens @ 1920x1080)
- Fast at processing word and excel
- Fast at using accounting software such as Sage
- Within the budget of £600 (includes screens)


a) Is it possible to do within that budget
b) If it is, what sort of system specs would he need?


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  1. The only real difference between a mainstream workstation and a mainstream home computer is the version of Windows. The workstation has Windows Professional installed while the home computer has Windows Home installed.

    Only when you get into high-end graphics or server software do you really see any difference in hardware.

    Pretty much any dual-core system with an SSD and a discrete graphics card would suit your dad's needs. As far as whether or not it can be done on your budget, I can't say.

    -Wolf sends
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  3. Ok - so in terms of components he'd be sorted with say:

    CPU - Intel Pentium G840
    GPU - GT 610
    RAM - 4GB
  4. On the low side of things, that would do. I'd ask what the current specs are, however.

    -Wolf sends
  5. What 3 alternative components would be better in your opinion?

    Hes currently using an old Sony Vaio from about 8 years ago - single core CPU, integrated GPU and 2 GB ram
  6. I'm pretty sure it's outside your budget, but the first thing I'd be looking at is probably a 128GB SSD for the OS and his programs and a separate HDD for storage.

    4GB of RAM would be a minimum. 8GB would be preferable.

    If there's any budget left, go quad-core over dual-core, but still get the discrete graphics card.

    -Wolf sends
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