Ok so i have had it for almost a week now and everything has been perfect apart from every morning when i start up i get a bsod. It only ever happens after it has been shut down for a while. I have tried the repair thing and it dosent work. The weird thing is, is that ill start it up, i'll get bsod ill restart it and then its fine playing all the latest games etc for hours on end untill i turn it off for a while. I done some research and found that it could be causes by cold ram. Like when i start it up the ram is cold so it bsod and then by the time it restarts again its warmed up and everything fine. Any experts out there tell me any other problems which could be causing it. Any help would be very very much appreciated.

Also this could help

0x00000000x00000000001904fb , 0xfffff8800319330 , 0xfffff88003192b60 , 6xffpff80002e7pe9
i dont know if theses are useful or correct because i wrote the, down in a rush

The instruction at 0xfabda0cl referenced memory at 0xffffffff The memory could not be read
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  1. NO, cold RAM is not going to cause a BSOD. You may have defective RAM or HDD. DL memtest and run it. Go to your HDD mfg. and DL their diagnostics and run that as well. Both will require you create a bootable CD to run these.
  2. agreed. something is defective. this started from day one? if not, perhaps you installed something that's not agreeing with it. when you get a new comp, you should refrain from installing too much right off the bat. this makes system restore impossible.

    so if possible, system restore back to the first day or two... see if that helps.
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