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I just bought some parts for a new computer and after cleaning my old case of dust and dirt I proceeded to install them as stated in their manuals. After I finished installing everything and tried to power it up the power supply and cpu cooler start to spin for half a second and then everything turns off instantly.

If I try to turn it on again without turning off the power supply it will not do anything but if I turn it off and on again it does the same thing.

My system consists of the following:

Intel core i5 3570K processor
Corsair Vengeance 1600 8GB kit (Dual channel)
Gigabyte Z77X-D3H motherboard
Corsair GS800 gaming series power supply
Sapphire 7850 OC video card
Western digital caviar black 1TB HDD
OCZ Vertex 3 series 120GB SSD

Any ideas on what could be wrong? I followed all instructions as stated in the manuals and even checked the FAQ and I can find nothing wrong with the plugging.

Any help is greatly appreciated!
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  1. Either you have a bad PSU or a defective main board.
  2. Not trying to insult your intelligence or anything, but the fact that you say you read the manuals leads me to believe this might be your first time putting a PC together in this way. So I need to ask the question:

    Did you mount the motherboard directly to the motherboard tray or did you use standoffs?
  3. Sorry if this is not very helpful but, I'm also having trouble with the same MOBO. (My BIOS doesn't work.) I'm not getting a Gigabyte motherboard again :/
  4. @ubercake: No offense taken whatsoever, I screwed the motherboard on directly and yes this is the first time I tried this but I pretty much knew what I had to do theoretically :/

    I just finished testing my old power supply and it is no different so I am very desperate at the moment :(
  5. Well, if I am reading what you wrote correctly, you might have a problem, as you must have the standoffs installed in the case before screwing in the MOBO. No standoffs cause the board to short on the case and I think can lead to serious/permanent problems.
  6. I used the same case I was using before and proceeded to screw the new motherboard exactly where the old one was without any issues as it fit perfectly. Does this nullify the problem or did I screw up?
  7. Well, I have limited knowledge and do not have time to research at the moment, but I do believe different generation/model MOBO's have different mounting configurations. Post your old MOBO and what case you are using and maybe someone else can provide insight.
  8. My old motherboard was M2N-SLI deluxe. Unforunately I don't remember the exact name of the case as I got it about 6 years ago but it was top notch back then.
  9. I checked out the manual for your old MOBO and compared it to my z77 board, looks like your okay as far as the mounting goes. Sounds like a short somewhere, hopefully someone else can give advice, price_th might be correct on a bad PSU or MOBO, did you try doing an external build? *Edit* Also, did you make sure all your headers are plugged in correctly? I know firewire to USB is a big no no. *Edit
  10. Dimitris1988 said:
    @ubercake: No offense taken whatsoever, I screwed the motherboard on directly and yes this is the first time I tried this but I pretty much knew what I had to do theoretically :/

    I just finished testing my old power supply and it is no different so I am very desperate at the moment :(

    Oh dear.. If thats whats you've done then you have short-circuited the Motherboard, as it has come into direct contact with your metal case. I suggest you stop what your doing immediately, unplug everything and take out your components. Look for any obvious signs of damage and re-assemble your PC using the stand-offs that should have been provided with either your case or motherboard. (they look like screws, but have a a body on top, which has a screw hole in itself)

    Once you have done this, try boot it up again - if it still doesnt work, I hate to say it, but you may have caused serious damage to your motherboard and maybe even the other components attached to it.
  11. To support my above comment, heres a section from on how to install a motherboard:

    'When I first saw these in the bag of screws that came with my case, I had no idea what they were or what they were for. THESE ARE THE SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT SREWS YOU WILL USE IN YOUR BUILD. To help you understand exactly what they are for, let's pretend that you're not going to use them. How are you going to get the motherboard secured to the case? You are probably going to screw the motherboard directly to the case. And if you screw the motherboard to the case, the whole thing will short circuit, killing your motherboard and quite possibly your processor because the whole backside with all the soldering and pins will touch the case metal. And so, remember the spacers, and you won't have to go through the really long process of RMAing your motherboard and processor.'

    Im really sorry to be the bringer of bad news mate - but you seems to have messed up quite badly here. I do hope that you have avoided damage!
  12. The motherboard didnt come with any screws, I will try what you said and hope for the best :/
  13. I unscrewed the motherboard and it turns out that I screwed the motherboard on these things:
  14. Thank god! haha

    Looks like you okay on that front
  15. They are the stand-offs / spacers I (and the other were speaking off). so its okay, you shouldnt have short-circuited your Mobo.

    The bad news is, we now need to diagnose the new problem.. and it still might be the mobo.

    A PSU problem would usually either not boot your PC at all, or would shut you down when you go over a certain amount of power usage.

    However, a PC that boots but doesn't POST indiciates that there may be something wrong with the firmware of the board, or its a damaged/faulty board.

    Still though, try and reassemble the PC and see what happens, it might be simply that you didnt have some of the power cables in correctly.
  16. I re-did everything for the third time and everything seems to work for now :D

    Third time is the charm huh? Thanks a lot for all the effort I appreciate it greatly!
  17. Great stuff! You really had me worried for a bit there! haha

    Sometimes its as simple as that!

    Hope it all carries on in good order and that you enjoy your new build :)
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