No tie off points for cable managment :(

Hey guys, just wondering if you might have any tips on what I should do.

I should be getting the IN-WIN GRone full tower case within the next day or 2,and the fact that it don't have tie down spots is sort of bothering me. It has a see through side panel so of course I want it to look the best it can. Is there any little tricks for me to keep everything flat/tight without tie off spots? Is electrical tape a safe choice as a last resort to tape them to the back side of the motherboard tray? Thanks for any help <3

- Brittany
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  1. There will be a few cables that arent going anywhere, like your 24pin and 4/6/8 pin cpu plugs depending on the motherboard. These are going to be heavier cables, especially the 24 pin and they wont move a lot. Depending on how many cables you need to route, you should be able to tie cables onto the sides of these.
  2. I have the seasonic 80w modular psu,and the asrock extreme4 motherboard. Are you saying I'll be able to tie cables to the side of plugs that aren't used behind my mobo tray? Sorry this is my first time building a pc =/
  3. Nah the cable will go in behind the the motherboard tray at the bottom and out at the top and side to be plugged in, you should be able to run other cables along side them, and tie cables to the sides of these ones.
    Have a read of this for ideas with that case

    And have a read of this, this got me through my first build.
  4. Hm I'm browsing through those at the moment and I think they will be very helpful. Thanks!! <3

    Oh and a quick question if anyone see's this, after I install my OS,(onto my SSD),do I then hook up my HDD or should I keep updating the drivers and updating windows onto the SSD first??
  5. Can anyone else my last question real fast? I can't find a specific answer anywhere =\
  6. Well you will have everything plugged into the motherboard when you start off. Check everything is found on the BIOS, set up your boot drive order and load windows onto the SSD. Your motherboard manual should tell you if theres an idea SATA port for the boot drive to be plugged into too.
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