Which power supply should i get?

Hello, im building my first gaming computer and i was wondering what power supply is best for me. I want it to be pretty good quality and very reliable. Specifically, i need a 600-675 watt power supply that is around $50-80? Any suggestions would be very helpful! thank you!!
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  1. Antec HGC M 620W
    Seasonic made, 80Plus Bronze, modular, 48A of 12V power, 3 yr warranty and no there is no cheaper reliable 600+W power supply that i am aware of good luck!
  2. I know a shop online which can meet your need . it sells laptop battery around $50-80 . See if it has what you need . http://www.cbattery.net/asus.html
  3. I don't think you can get a PSU for that price.
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