Which Graphic Card/ Desktop should I choose?

I'm going to buy a new computer soon at bestbuys ( desktop) and I am a total gamer. I like mmorpgs (Eden Eternal, Fiesta Online) and I want to play on the sim 3, but I need a badass Graphic card and Ram.. ect for it. So I looked up some desktops under $900:

Row A

Row B

I dont want to spend that much money So in Row B, I would probably get the iBuyPower Gamer Power Desktop -8GB Memory 1TB Hard Drive with the AMD HD 6670. Any suggestions? Is that good for online games like no laggage? Would it be good for it run on the sims 3?
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  1. What is your budget? It would make alot more since to build your own...
  2. For $900 you can build a system that would put above mentioned systems in shame.
  3. Um not computer smart so I dont know how to build my own lol And my budget is $600~850 or so
  4. I jus want to find a good graphic card for sim3 and when online mmorpgs
  5. If you don't feel comfortable with building your own because of your lack (perceived) of assembly and troubleshoot skill, it's a legitimate option to buy a pre-built system. It seems that some people here have firm belief that buying such completed PC is almost a sin, unfortunately. If I didn't have experience troubleshooting/repairing previous Dell and Gateway PC, I would have been hesitant to build my own. I saw many people struggling after they built their system, even for the second or third time. If you are not a type of enjoying such challenge, it may not be worth your efforts and anxiety. You can start building PC later once you have basic knowledge in PC handling through many troubleshooting and minor repairing when the needs arise as your system gets older.

    Having said that, the iBuypower PC looks good, but I would go to their own website rather than buying through BB. I am not sure if iBP will provide the same customer service even if you buy from BB, but assuming the worst, BB customer service or Geeksquad is not your best bet when you face problem later. The reason you buy from such boutique builder is to have comprehensive customer service, and I think you better buying from them directly to minimize possible headache later.
  6. I would get at least a 6850 or 560 with 1gig of vram.
  7. Thanks I went to this website where I can build my own I just don't know which graphic card would be good for gaming
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