Need Help with New Build

Hello everyone i just finished building a new computer my specs are as follow:

Asrock 970 extreme 4 MB
AMD 1045t x6 Processor
Corsair vengence 8gb ddr3
Geforce 8400gs 512 ddr2 (this is just temporary)
corsair h260 liquid cooler
Ultra 750 lsp PS
Thermaltake overseer case

The problem im having is when i boot it up i get a message on screen that looks like this {Be'-${Be'-$ and i have no clue what this means i get 4 beeps then a pause and 1 beep and this message. im new at this so i really need some help solving this problem.

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  1. Yank the GPU out and try and boot. Not sure if you can use a ddr2 GPU with that processor =S
  2. Does your PC boot after the message and the beeps?
  3. when i reboo i get the same error message and beeps. i think im gonna just get a ddr3 GpU and try that. but keep the advice coming in case i strike out. i kind like to know the the error message on the screen means if anyone knows.
  4. Perhaps if you post the message exactly as it appeared we could help you more.
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