Getting BLACK SCREEN after putting new graphics card in help!!!

Okay ill get straight to the point, I have a Packard Bell iStart 1369 model with a 550w power supply. I recently put in the psu & 4gb of ram and the computer worked fine. Then i put in a new Radeon HD 6700 2gb graphics card and i encounter a problem. I disabled on board graphics and slotted the card into the pci express slot. Now when i start the computer boots as normal and i can see everything on the screen but then the screen goes black and i can hear the noise of the windows theme work so i know its not the computer. Anyone able to help me please!!!
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  1. The card requires a secondary power connection (6 pin plug), have you connected it? Even though you disabled the on board, check it again, also check device manager to see what device is being used for graphics. Did you connect the monitor to the video card?
  2. Have you set your graphics card as the primary display adapter? Try going into the BIOS and setting it from there to PCI-e x16
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