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Hey everyone. I woke up one morning turned on my computer and the screen was like black with every few lines a little white.. so I was like okay, gpu died. I had an old 8400 and I got a 6570. I put the card in plugged the dvi in and turned the computer on. Every fan and even the new cards fan turned on but I got no signal on the monitor. I have tried two monitors with the same results. I looked up the problem I was having and they said to put in old card and delete drivers... so I put in old card and the fan spun but there was no signal. I put the vga cord into the onboard video.... but no video with that either. Now I'm stuck here not knowing what to do. Can anyone help me?
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  1. When you turned on the computer did you get the post beep? Di anything at all come on the screen before Windows would have? Any bios splash screen? It could be the cpu , ram , motherboard , hard drive if the computer is not booting up or even giving a post beep. How old is the hard drive and do you have a way to test if it could be that.
  2. Nothing came on.. There is no input signal on the monitor. The harddrive is only a few months old. I have not heard a beep.. but even when the computer worked normally I never noticed or heard a beep. I really don't think anything could have been wrong with any of the other components because the night before I shut it down normally and the next morning it was broken. I overclocked the guts out of that old card and it has been running hot forever.
  3. Does your monitor work?
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