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Connecting Airport Extreme to Linksys WRTU54G-TM

I have perused the forum "Ultimate Modem/Router Setup Thread" by Axxeon and I am having difficulty applying it to my Airport Extreme and the WRTU54G-TM. Cisco support wouldn't help me, except to say that I can cascade my routers together, with the Airport acting as the master router.
Therefore, I'm assuming that I would use Axxeon's instructions on
how to Cascade two routers on one subnet, but when I disable DHCP on the slave router, I cannot add in any DNS settings.
Could someone clarify my approach or direct me to other articles that might help.
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    You don't need DNS settings on the second router.
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  3. I was able to set the Cisco router to bridge mode and all worked just fine (although the new configuration did not expand my network as much as hoped).
    Thanks for the feedback!
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