HAF X extra top fan

Just wondering if anyone has the HAF X 942 and has installed a second top case fan? Looking at the fan specs:

Front 230mm 700 RPM 110 CFM intake
Side 200mm 700 RPM 110 CFM intake
Top 200mm 700 RPM 110 CFM outlet
Rear 140mm 1000 RPM 61 CFM outlet

It appears the case would normally operate under positive pressure since the total intake is greater than total outlet.

Adding the second top fan rated at 110 CFM as an outlet would mean total intake is less than total outlet causing the case to go negative pressure.

I assume this would cause air to be sucked in through the bottom, rear and front mesh openings? As these are not filtered does this cause a dust problem in the case?

I guess a fan controller could be installed to slow some of the outlet fans to maintain positive pressure in the case or larger capacity inlet fans could be used in place of the stock ones?

Any experience/advice appreciated.


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  1. Cooler Master MegaFlow 200mm Black Computer Case Cooling Fan R4-MFJR-07FK-R1
    exact same fan but comes with no bolts. you would need to get a set of 6-32x3/8 (4)
    Listed on amazon for about 15 bucks. Or you can go to cooler masters web sight and purchase direct.
    So far I don't seem to have an issue. But I do have a 140mm radiator on the back with a high static pressure fan blowing out.
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