USata mSata and switching between them

Hi Guys,
thanks for this great forum.

I have Dell Latitude Z with uSata SSD Drive.
I now bought Dell XPS 15z with 2.5" SATA Drive.

I was about to replace between them when I realize they do not match.

my question are:
1. is there a difference between uSATA and mSATA or those are both the same. (the reason I'm asking is that I"m thinking of buying an adapter and all I could find is a mSATA adapter. not sure if it's the same.

2. I was thinking that in both computers there is a cable (flat one) that goes from the motherboard to the disk. can I simply replace the 2 cables?

Thanks fro your help
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  1. I'm about 95% sure they are the same. The different naming schemes come from the use of the Greek letter mu, which looks like a u, as the prefix for "micro" in the SI system.

    I could be wrong, but I've seen nothing that specifically differentiates between the two, so I'm thinking they're the same.
  2. thanks man. what about the answer to my second question? do you think I can switch cables between uSata and regular sata?
  3. I know this is from awhile back, but it may help somebody, and save them from buying the wrong interface ssd (wish somebody could have for me):

    SATA 3.0: 15 (power) + 7 (data) pins

    SATA 3.1 = mSATA: 9 (power) + 7 (data) pins

    SATA 3.2 = micro SATA: 7 (power) + 7 (data) + 2 Pins

    micro SATA is also sometimes called µSSD or µSATA (I believe)

    Here's the page I got this info, and the best I've interpreted? (of course if anyone knows different, I'd love to know)

    p.s. - and no, none are interchangeable
  4. I have a usata hard drive pulled from Sony Vaio Z laptop. I believe this is called Micro SATA.
    The "Gold"pin count is: 7 + 7 + 2

    I also see the msata sold in store. I believe this is called Mini SATA which is compatible to PCI Express Mini Card interface and can be plug in to some motherboard.
    The "Gold"pin count is: 8 + 18 (It marks P1 to P51 on one side and P2 to P52 on the other side)

    In short, I believe usata is not equal to msata.
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