Upgrading from 9800gtx/PSU?

First here's my specs:
Q6600 Oc'd to 2.9Ghz
4GB GSkill 800mhz (ram)
Asus P5n-d mobo
9800gtx OC PnY

My range is about 250$ if I sell this card it will be 300ish.

I'm going to sell my 9800gtx on Craigslist for about 50-60 dollars (found a buyer I think). I've been dong some research and I found these to be the best buy for my dollar:

570gtx refurb 250$

480gtx new 210$

Which leads me to my next question, which one will I need a new PSU for? And is there an Radeon alternative that allows me to get the same performance as these two with my PS right now. I really don't know much about the AMD cards..

Thanks! :]
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