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my hd6870 stock cooler( ***) was at full load at 80 celcius with vsync on and only using 50 percent of the cards load 9 btw got i52500k) whic made me worried howvere upon reaplpying thermal paste( first time) i booted it up and bham temps were at a staggering 90 celcuis at full load i.e playing bf3 i mean and 60 celcuis at idle wtf have i done something wrong.

thank you for the replys :o :ouch: :pfff:
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  1. Thermal Paster to the CPU or GPU?

    What kind of case do you have? How many fans?
  2. hi, i have a 1 fan but at the bottom where the gpu sits so it can take the hot air out faster and i applied it to my gpu( the thermal paste) i am soon to get 3 more fans in my case of 120 mm
  3. Sorry, I really don't understand what you are saying.

    You applied Thermal Paste to the GPU? Does it have a fan?

    Your case has a side vent, with a fan? Or bottom vent with a fan? And you are getting more fans?
  4. General rule of thumb:

    Front fans: in
    Rear fans: out
    CPU fans: towards rear fans (can be towards top)
    Top Fans: out
    Bottom fans: in (towards video card)
    Left side fan: in (towards video card)
    Right side fan: out (away from motherboard CPU mount)
    PSU fan: out (Can not change this, regardless of bottom or top mount, and taking air from the case, or the bottom of the case.)
  5. Hi,

    My gpu has its own fan it's a stock heatsink from xfx I only have one case fan and that's at the bottom however when I hover my hand over it when the system is running it feels likewise is being sucked out do I turn it upside down to let it suck air in I'm soon to get 3 more case fans 1-2 days 2 at the top of the case and one at the rear I hope this helps to any vital information but I don't get how this will lower my temps if there is already hot air being sucked out at the bottom
  6. It's the case fan direction you're worried about?

    So the side it's showing now is the "open" side which does the pulling. If you can see the plastic going across the back, that's the side the air gets pushed to.

    This is what you're talking about right?
  7. hi, thanks but any sulutions on the gpu itself.
  8. Tighten the heatsink.
  9. hi,, i have tried that tightened it as much as i can but the only thing i havent tried is cleaning the heatsink out becasue there is alot of dust on the fan hence there might be alot of dust inside the hetasink aswell
  10. Compressed air and maybe a stiff paintbrush or a smaller sized old toothbrush should help some if dust is the case.
  11. hi,, i do have the springs i have tightened them enough but maybe not enough for good enough. but 90 celcius under 50 percent load thats not good!
  12. And its worse then before. Did you apply too much paste? That will cause worse temps as well. Take it apart, clean the sink and fan, reapply paste THINLY as possible and try again. Make sure its on tight.
  13. erm i think i did i applied the size of your small fingers nail going from top to bottom of your nail size
  14. hi, my fan speed on my gpu is at 60 percent just to keep it under 60 and any les rpm its shoots up to 60 celcuis :(
  15. How much is that in comparison to a grain of rice?
  16. hi, 2 grains of rice maybe
  17. Since we don't know the exact process you went through for the application, I would say simply start over, do it again, and see if you didn't miss something or not properly do something in the application.

    #1 - You should have fully cleaned the heat sink ( a high % rubbing alcohol works great ). By "reapplying", I assume you mean there was paste on it before, and it should have been completely removed.

    #2 - Use a good thermal paste for the reapplication. This may come down to personal preference. I've used all the major brands in one build or another, and use only Noctua NT-H1 now. Just be sure to use something you trust.

    #3 - Properly apply the paste. Most recent results I've seen from lab tests show the small single dot in the middle works best. Whichever method you subscribe to, remember....LESS is more. Too much thermal paste kills the good temps.

    #4 - properly re-attach the heat sink to the chip.

    Hopefully going through all the steps again will yield you good results. Good luck.
  18. thank you very much for all the support guys and i will try these steps
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