What color nzxt phantom 410 should i get?

i was gonna go for the white for my new build but after looking at pictures of finished builds in it the white makes it look kinda cheap, i was gonna put a green led strip inside and have a couple of the fans purple with leds. if i get the gunmetal or black i will probly do orange led strips and fans. which do you think would look better? i would go for the black one with the orange accents but i cant find it at any online stores in canada, can i ship from newegg.com to canada?
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  1. There are much better cases out there at the same price.....
  2. like what? and im going for looks aswell as features
  3. Looks depend on the user........:)

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  4. If you are doing it for aesthetics then choose what you like the look of best, not anyone else. I have the gunmetal one cause thats my preference. I do agree with the white ones looking slightly cheap, especially when people dont follow a strict color scheme with their hardware. Just a note though, I had blue lights in my gunmetal, and it didnt look great. I use white lights and everything in my case has a gunmetal/gold color to it. I think should you want coloured lights stick with black or white, or the color of those lights.
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