Final Check on Build before buying

Just wanted some feedback on this build:

Sapphire RADEON HD 7850 2 GB Xfire in the future
1.796,49 DKR - 304,91$

Intel Core i5-3570K 3.4GHz LGA1155
1.663,49 DKR - 282,33$

ASRock Z77 Extreme 4 - ATX - LGA1155 Socket - OR Gigabyte Z77X UD3H
1.009,49 DKR - 171,30$ - 1150 DKR - 195,23 $

Corsair Enthusiast Series TX750 V2 - Or some other?
770,49 DKR - 130,89$ -

Corsair Vengeance Dual C DDR3 8GB Kit, 1600MHz, 2x4GB, 1.5V
391,49 DKR - 66,55$

Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo
245,49 DKR - 24,62$

The only thing im concerned about is the PSU, i would like a modular but they seem pricey and some of them poorly made.
I had a look on the HX750, but then someone said that the Seasonic ones are better and higher quality and since the HX750 isn't one i'm kinda confused about which to choose....

Also the Motherboard, ASRock or Gigabyte?
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  1. For the PSU, either Corsair or Seasonic are fine. You don't need nearly that much power unless your plan is to SLI in the future. If not, go with something in the 550-600W range.

    For the mobo, either Asrock or Gigabyte are fine. The Extreme4 is solid.
  2. suggest that you get something like gskill ripjaws x or crucial ballistix sport. vengeance ram doesnt fit well with big heatsinks
  3. They make low pro vengeance ram.
  4. i know they do but its not worth it when you can get cheaper low profile ram that does and performs the same
  5. Meh, it's almost all the same price. +/- $5
  6. i could buy McDonald's or KFC with 5 bucks :P why pay more for something that does the same job
  7. Exactly. and even still a TX 750 is plenty for two way crossfire on the 7850
  8. for 7850, 650w is good enough judging by how little power draw the 7850 has
  9. a 7850 single card build will only hover around 300w on its own, including the peripherals. xfiring them should easily be done with a 650/700w, especially since most only require 1 6 pin
  10. I saw this in some other post:

    bigcyco1 said:
    Seems to be some confusion as to who makes which Corsair models so i will provide a list ;)The models made by Seasonic tend to be the quietest and best. AX-650 – Seasonic
    AX-750 – Seasonic
    AX-850 – Seasonic
    AX-1200 – Flextronics
    CX-400 – Seasonic
    CX-430 – Channel Well(CWT)
    CX-430 v2 – Channel Well(CWT)
    CX-500 – Channel Well(CWT)
    CX-500 v2 – Channel Well(CWT)
    CX-600 – Channel Well(CWT)
    CX-600 v2 – Channel Well(CWT)
    Gaming Series GS600 – Channel Well(CWT)
    Gaming Series GS700 – Channel Well(CWT)
    Gaming Series GS800 – Channel Well(CWT)
    HX-450 – Seasonic
    HX-520 – Seasonic
    HX-620 – Seasonic
    HX-650 – Seasonic
    HX-750 – Channel Well (CWT) (DSG platform)
    HX-850 – Channel Well (CWT) (DSG platform)
    HX-1000 – Channel Well (CWT)
    HX-1050 – Channel Well (CWT)
    TX-550M – Channel Well (CWT)
    TX-650 – Seasonic
    TX-650 v2 – Seasonic
    TX-650M – Channel Well (CWT)
    TX-750 – Channel Well (CWT) (PSH(older) platform)
    TX-750 v2 – Seasonic
    TX-750M – Channel Well (CWT)
    TX-850 – Channel Well (CWT) (PSH(older) platform)
    TX-850 v2 – Seasonic
    TX-850M – Channel Well (CWT)
    TX-950 – Channel Well (CWT) (DSG platform)
    VX-450 – Seasonic
    VX-550 – Channel Well (CWT) (PSH platform)

    And if i should get a modular 750 with seasonic there isn't many opportunities.

    About the 650 vs 750 i'm kinda worried about if i buy a 650 it wont last long enough, i mean if i upgrade to some heavy power thingy after the xfire would it be enough or shouldn't i worry about it? ( We are talking about some years here)

    About the RAM these are the ones i've been looking at:
    Some said that some Samsung would be good but they are not available where i live.

    Also the G.Skill: is about 20$ more expensive than the Corsair.
  11. 650w is good enough for a crossfire 7850 setup. you shouldnt worry since the componenets that you are plugging in are very efficent

    just get some crucial ballistix sport. it is low profile while a bit cheaper
  12. U mean these: ?

    Also it's more about if i upgrade to something in the future would the 650 still be enough?
  13. yes i mean those

    650w will suit a crossfire confguration with any 2 cards that only requires a 6 pin plug.

    a 650w will not support high end crossfire or SLI cards that require 2 plugs each
  14. What do you think of UD3H vs MSI G45?|13-128-544^13-128-544-TS%2C13-130-645^13-130-645-TS

    The MSI is about 40$ cheaper.
  15. no. get the asrock extreme4 z77 instead as it has more features for a cheaper price
  16. The MSI i still cheaper, but i kinda changed my mind because of this:
  17. if you need that much stability, you can get the ud3h. pretty nice bios and good PCB design
  18. I just realized that i don't know if the Hx will fit in my case..
    I looks kinda squeezed up in this pic:
    My fan just doesn't got a grate.
  19. it should fit in any atx size case
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