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Hello Community!

I have two old laptops, im wanting to keep just one and im thinking about swapping the processor over from the Satellite to the Dell, just wanting to know if its worth it and that it will work...

The first is this one is a Toshiba Satellite A10 with a intel celeron 2.2 ghz processor..

Wanting to put it into my Dell inspiron 1300 which also has an inteleR celeronM which is only 1.4 ghz...

Two old models justt wanting a bit more power on the dell as i like the dell better.

IS it worth it?
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    You'd wanna check for TDP, socket, mobo compatibility.

    And do extensive research, maybe on Youtube, to see how the laptop is taken apart, and whether the CPU itself is soldered into the socket.

    I just popped open my HP and swapped the CPU the other day, totally worth it for me :)

    good luck!
  2. Thanks for your reply bud. Helped out a lot.
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