Pdf file association in win 7 x64

I am having trouble setting the default app. to open pdf files in windows 7. Currently running windows 7 pro 64. When I try to open pdf's it has me look for an associated program. I can then manually set it to open with either foxit or adobe, but clicking to set the program as the default doesn't do anything. i also tried manually changing the program in the control panel, but pdf is not listed as an extension. Any thoughts?
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  1. You might try this...
    1. Uninstall the Adobe Reader.
    2. Use Ccleaner to clean up any install temp files.
    3. Download a fresh copy to the Adobe Reader.
  2. Just tried this. Still having trouble. Any other thoughts.
  3. Have you rebooted after reinstalling the reader?
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Default PDF Windows 7 File Association