Best solid state harddrive

Any thoughts on the 'best' (fastest, best value for $$) "solid state" hard drive on the market today?

I ask the question with the intent of creating a C (boot) drive with close to a 0msec seek time, hopefully eliminating this constant "chugging" from the typical C (IDE) drive that drives me insane and slows the system wayyyyy down...
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  1. Do you have any inkling of how much it is gonna cost you? Solid state drives are insanely expensive. They're not even sold by click-and-purchase. You have to call them and make an appointment for a price quote, and they'll treat you like an executive of a large company. That's because the assumption is that only large companies are gonna buy such an expensive toy.

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  3. You sure you're talking about solid state hard drives?

    If buttpluginside gets banned, I'll be so happy I'll even go buy an Intel.
  4. mmmmhhhhhaahahahhaaaa!!!
    DAMN!!! I better start actaully <i>reading</i> the subject and origional post from now on instead of just "speed-reading" it for like 2 seconds!!! LOL!!

    I'll delete the old post. Thanks.

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