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Guys I have a question
A few days ago I made a system for my friend using a PII 965 and a 560ti
I was thinking that phenoms are beginning to get weaker so would it viable to replace them with say an A10 5800k.

If you were to put in an A10 5800k with a higher end GPU like a 7870 or so then will the CPU part of the A10 outperform the phenom ii x4 965s?

In other words
Is the CPU part of an A10 5800k actually stronger than the phenom ii x4 965 or even a 980?

I did check passmark and the APU scores higher than the phenoms but I'm not sure if that is only CPU performance or CPU and GPU combined

It would be nice to see something like a super PI comparison between a PII and a 5800k

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  1. That Phenom II X4 shouldn't bottleneck too many games in conjunction with a 560 Ti. As a gaming CPU, it'll still work well.
  2. An A10 is weaker than a Phenom II x4. IIRC its somewhere between the Anthlon II and Phenom II's. The Phenoms are still perfectly fine for gaming rigs.

    The value of APUs are that they have decent cpu performance and great GPU performance all in one chip. That makes it attractive to those on a fairly thin budget as they can play most games on somewhat playable settings and still be low in price.

    By using a high end gpu, you're neglecting the purpose of an APU where the value is in the integrated graphics solution.

    In other words, get an APU like the A10 if you need a all in one solution for a thin budget. If not, then you're wasting money getting a cpu that has a powerful integrated solution but not utilizing that gpu.
  3. Ok so from what I understand the A10 5800k is NOT as powerful as the phenom x4s in CPU intensive tasks?

    I checked some performance charts here

    If you look carefully the A10 5800k CPU score is higher than the fastest PII x4(980)

    A10 scores 4912
    980 scores 4682

    I do understand the phenoms are fine for gaming but maybe even if we neglect the purpose of an APU by adding a high end GPU it might still give better performance because the CPU part is still stronger than the phenoms!

    I don't know if these benchmark CPU scores really matter or not so..

    Also can someone with both CPUs please do a gaming comparison between
    A10 + high end GPU vs Phenom + high end GPU

    If the A10 is indeed faster then it would be a better value don't you guys think?
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    Passmark is a crock of cr@p at one point the rated an A4 Llano ahead of an i7 2700k. Look for actual benches of realworld performance

    Those show the Phenom consistently being the stronger CPU (by a small margin)
  5. Considering the price difference, when 965's first arrived they were expensive chips on an expensive platform so in that regard its not really a equal reflection.

    To make PhenomII work you need to be on a future ready AM3+ setup and a decent one at that, it also costs, compared with FM2, you get enthusiast parts, connectivity, firmware support of a high end board at Sub $130 so its a better value for money platform.

    Performance wise the Phenom II theoretically should be better but its arch is getting tired, for high end gaming the Phenom II is better for everything else the APU represents better value.
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  7. Thanks guys
    Thanks for clearing that up
  8. I know I'm a little late to the party just wanted to share my opinion on apus I don't see many use cases for them even at a budget of 400 bucks you can get a AMD Phenom plus a AMD 7850 mobo case and PSU and it will blow the 5800k out of the water so for 99.99% please save up a little bit sure a apu could be a okay budget gaming pc for 300ish dollars but for 400 you can have a better overall machine
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