570 sli opinions wanted

Hi peeps,

Current gaming system playing skyrim, total war series, Wargame E.E. @1080p nicely

4x4 mushkin@1900
EVGA gtx570
EVGA p55-ftw200 mobo
Enermax 920watt psu
Silverstone RV-02
and some other doodads

It does everything I need, but would it be reasonable to drop in a second 570 for sli or would my older i5 become a bottleneck @1080p? I'd like to be able to crank the AA since its a 27" 1080p monitor.

I don't want to upgrade the whole system at this time, and i think an extra 570 might be less of a hassle then selling my current one and buying a better card with that money.

Plus, I've been wanting to use this board's extra PCI-e lanes (nf200 chip) for some time, and I know my psu and chassis cooling are up to the job. Not planning on OC'ing the card(s).

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  1. just making sure its not visible only to me, thanks for the reply :)
  2. Best answer selected by HellaRedwoodz.
  3. Its been with me for almost 3 years now, I love this thing! Considering it was my first build and OC platform in late 2009, I'm proud that its still kickin@$$
  4. ordered direct from EVGA, looking forward to the ensuing pwnage. Thanks again!
  5. will do, this will be my first dual card set up. STOKED!!!
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