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Need CPU advice

Hello, I am currently building a computer for my dad (budget). He uses it simply to browse the internet, check email, and use office software.

My question is, would there really be a benefit of getting an i3-2120 over a G850? Will the i-3 be noticably faster in a PC with an SSD and 4gb of 1333 RAM? I can buy either processor, but if the performance boost on simple tasks is negligent, I will go with the cheaper processor.

Any other processors that would make more sense? I still need to buy a MB, so I can always go the AMD route as well (but will be using a few year old ATI GPU). Thanks for any help!
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  1. I use the 2120 and it performs very well. If price is a concern, you can go with one of these deals instead. The frys deal is in stores only:

    Your dad won't need alot of cpu power unless he's a gamer. I found my 2120 used with an asus board on craigslist. You can use the money saved for an ssd if it's not in your build budget. Look for one for about 50 cents per gb on sale. You'll see these specials about once a week at newegg or amazon.
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    Well what office software does he use? If it is just word then he will probably not need much at all. Unless he is working with some massive excel charts something you can get away with almost any cheap CPU. If you don't plan on upgrading the PC later you could even go with an older Mobo w/ a discontinued socket/cpu for cheap.
  3. Thanks...probably just basic Office...word, maybe an exel SS but w/o any graphics or crazy formulas...he is a realtor, so mainly just handling/editing documents.

    I would like to stay at 100$ish or less, but if all he needs is a 65$ pentium I would get that instead of an I3. I want to stay with intel 1155 boards/chips so that if I need to upgrade in a few years I have some options. Thanks again for the help! I am leaning towards a G850 unless the i3s drop to about 90$ in the next 2 months.
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