EVGA GTX 560 ti issue...I messed up...

Straight to the point, here's my problem:
Anytime I turn my computer on, the operating system loads, and once the logo goes away, I am left with a black screen with no mouse. Even worse, when I try booting up in safe mode, my mouse and keyboard do not work. I've tried usb and ps/2 for both, and nothing works...BUT they do work in the BIOS (obviously, since I can choose to boot into safe mode)

Ok, now that you know that, here's how it happened (I may get yelled for this):
I got this card (gtx 560 ti) to replace my broken video card (nvidia gt 8600 I believe...I am at work and cannot double check). I will say, I DID NOT UNINSTALL THE ORIGINAL VIDEO DRIVERS, and proceeded to install the card on my computer. The first time I turned my computer on, the screen came up, but on only one of my 2 monitors. I wasn't worried, as I thought to just install the drivers, and everything will be ok. I used the disc that came with the gtx card and tried installing the drivers from there. This is where I noticed some problems. I installed the drivers, but almost immediately after, my system will alert me of new hardware that needs drivers installed...which I had just done. THEN, after installing a few times, I also saw I installed the HD Audio driver, and after I did that, no more alerts popped up. I thought everything was fine, so I rebooted my system, and thats when the black screen appeared.

I did a bunch of research already and I know I messed up BIG TIME by not uninstalling every single thing that has to do with NVIDIA before installing a new card. I am at a loss with the safe mode problem though, other than assuming the registry is messed up somewhere.

There were some solutions I saw, but they pertained to installing a fresh OS and starting over...which is not a big deal for me, as I don't have a lot of personal data on that harddrive (its on a different one). BUT, I would like to just try and figure this out without reinstalling my OS.

If anyone knows of any other solution, to either my graphics card or safe mode problem, please let me know!

BTW, here are my computer specs:
Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 2.4Ghz
EVGA NVIDIA nForce 680i mobo
Seagate 320gb HDD
4GB DDR2 RAM (2x 2GB)
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    If you have the Windows install disk then you can put that in and boot and choose to boot from cd and then you can choose to load windows or repair your computer or windows which at that point you can choose to repair your computer or windows . If that option doesn't come up then go intop the bios and set the first boot option to be the dvd rom. If there is an option to do a system restore you could do that as well.
  2. Yeah you can get that back with a repair for sure. Especially in a Vista/7 install.
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