Fried mobo? Can't POST..

Hey everyone. This is my first time building.
I made sure to discharge all electricity before touching my components, and I'm trying to POST outside my case on the cardboard box.

These are my parts for my computer

CPU: i5 3570k
RAM: 2X4 GB G.SKILL 17000 (2133MHZ)
PSU: Corsair Enthusiast 750W TX V2 Modular

So I've attached the CPU + CM EVO + PSU onto my motherboard.
24pin connector (this is SUPER hard to remove, what the hell), 8pin CPU connector, and turned on the PSU switch.

Green light (standby power) for the mobo comes on, but nothing else.
I don't have busted 'caps' either on the mobo, and I'm pretty sure I didn't short the mobo since I took extra caution to discharge electricity.

How can I test which computers are busted, or am I doing something wrong?
The only thing 'weird' that I noticed was that for the 8pin CPU connector, not all the shapes matched up. The cable provided by Corsair didn't 100% match the P8Z77-V PRO 8pin connector (12v or something?) but it still went in. (P8Z77-V PRO 8pin had 2 squares each side, Corsair TX cable had 2 squares one side, 1 square one side.)

Otherwise, I have no idea what's going on and I'm honestly FREAKING OUT.
I honestly hope I didn't get a defective motherboard or CPU or.. I don't know what the problem is! Hopefully it's something not related to hardware.. sigh. Someone help - any P8Z77-V PRO owners out there or computer experts! Help me out!

Also, do I need one or two PCI-E 6pin connectors to run the GTX 670? Thanks in advance.
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  1. Anyone help..? T_T
  2. aurealis5 said:
    Anyone help..? T_T

    Are you shorting out the two power pins with a paper clip that the case's power button would connect to? The motherboard won't turn on by just flipping the power switch on the PSU. I'm sure you are, but you didn't mention it so I'm just checking.
  3. and YES you need to connect both 6 pin power connectors to the 670
  4. I have the same motherboard with almost the same specs as you. I never had that problem but i will ask do you have a case speaker if not go buy one and plug it in to the port on the motherboard.
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