After new config W7 & XP, W7 has Internet connect, but not XP...?

Hi everyone, I hope I'm posting on the right forum. I recently reconfigured my computer with two HDD's, versus only one. Now, I have two OS's, XP and Windows 7.

I'm running a single wire off my DSL modem into the computer. After installing Windows 7, the OS recognized my Internet connection immediately, no problem. But when I reboot the computer to XP, XP does not recognize the connection, and the Wizard seems to be no help at all.

How can I get Internet access on my XP Operating System?

Thank you, guys. Kinda go slow with me. I'm not sure I understand a whole heck of a lot, e.g., I don't even know what LAN means.

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    You probably don't have the drivers loaded for the NIC, Network Interface Card.
    Go to Device Manager - right click My Computer - Properties - Hardware tab - Device Manager.
    Look under Network Adapters and make sure you have one. If you have any yellow question marks, try loading the driver for your NIC.
    You can check on the Win 7 installation to see what you have and download the driver from your motherboards website.
  2. Okay, STURM, that worked! Thank you very much!
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