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i was wondering if the student version of windows 7 oem has any limitations for gaming. all i want to do is play wow and dIII when it comes out. im interested to know if this oem limits the capability or pushiblity of a system ie oc'ing cpu/memory.
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  1. There is no such thing as "student version" of windows.
    It only means you got the copy from your school instead of commercial.
    And it's not OEM either, generally, its a windows 7 professional(mine was)

    Why do you want to play wow and d3? Shouldn't you be working on school stuff?
  2. windows uses hardware, but it does not control hardware (ie, win7 32bit will install and run fine on 16GB of ram, but the OS is limited to recognizing 3.xGB of it). You can OC and put as much ram in your computer as you want. Win7 OEM, Retail, or from a school or MAR program are all the same stuff, just with different licence agreements. Basically Retail follows you, OEM/MAR follows the computer, and School licences can be either depending on the school you go to and their deal with MS. No matter the case you can install it on a computer and use it. For technical hardware limitations I would check win7 website.
  3. The only limitation on 64bit windows 7 is RAM based. If your student edition is pro then your are limited to 192GB's. ;)
  4. a student version of windows is actually a retail version
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