Please i need help with my system !!!!! read pless!!!

how u can see my pc , is all fine , should i afraid for someting? tell me also if something is overheat

please i need help
upload photo
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  1. please answer some one is all ok ? or anything is overheat please tell me
  2. Don't be so impatient padawan. The guru's that can give you a definitive answer probably haven't seen your post yet. I'm no expert but those temps look fine to me.
  3. ok i wait for a good answer :) thnx for post black duck
  4. The manufacturers websites will give you all the information you need!

    But yes, everything looks fine. For the i7 920 anything below 70 degrees C is good.

    It's also worth bearing in mind that it's quite difficult to do any damage heat wise unless you manually alter the voltages, as modern CPUs will throttle themselves (reduce speed) to keep cool, or in extreme cases turn the computer off completely.
  5. Temperatures look good.
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