GPU fan really really loud! Is it gonna FRY????

Hey everyone I just bought radeon 6870 and its very very loud when under load. I was playing BF3, towards first 5 mins it was fine.Normal hiss. then after tht it just went up and made noise like a vacuum !!! I freaked out and closed the game! My gpu temp was at 85 ?? Please help!!
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  1. Should auto shut-down before any real damage is done. My advice: Try running furmark. It logs the temperature so if you see it's getting too hot you can close the program. If it gets much above 90 quit furmark and contact whoever you bought it from. You could also check to see that nothing like a loose cable is hitting the fan... I can understand it ramping up when reaching such high temperatures, but is it really that loud?
  2. Wait? so my pc will auto shut down, before (for example) frying anything inside? Do i have to set tht up? or is it already set like tht from default? and furmark shows me the temps during game? and no I am pretty sure fans are not being bothered by anything! but the thing is my case is very tiny and the fans only have like about 4 inches to breathe?can tht be the problem?Should i remove the side pannel for better flow? or is there any cooling system thts quiet and affordable?
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