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Re:New gamer in town(lag&graphics card power problems)

I have an HP Compaq (i believe it's a 5150 low profile w/ intel 82915G/GV/910GL Express chipset family grap. crd.Bus PCI0,PERIPHIQE 2 FUNC.0...W/ 32"(IN.)FLAT SCREEN 1152X864@60hz. res.i'm a new gamer who's been playing W.O.T.(World of tanks(totally AWESOME game.....sorry!)and am suffering BAD lag & image jumping can u recomend a new graphic card that won't break my bank pref.under $100....Thanks so much 4 your attention..Love your site LOTS..NO...TONS OF GREAT INFO!
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  1. first of all you should check what kind of graphic card can fit in your cpu case...

    On a second thought, please post further spec of your computer...if what i've googled is true, your pc is in serious need of replacement.
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    My first thought was a 6670 just because it has low power requirements, but then I realized that a lot of pre-builds come with sub 300W supplies.

    Here's what I'm thinking, should fit into your case:

    But we really could use the rest of your system specs. That graphics card will be mostly wasted on an old athlon single core, and might not even run if you have a 200-250W PSU. Maybe a 250W, it gets shaky.

    Another, cheaper option that might better fit your CPU is the GT430. This one includes a small form bracket, and will consume much less power, since we're in the dark on that so far. You also lose a lot of the graphical ability of the 6670.

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  4. Thanks for your answer !!I decided to just breakdown & get a new (used) pc.....Of course it has a new graphics card & more than enough power for my needs....Once again thanks for the reply,i'll keep your reply info for further reference
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