What is a good wireless bridge to use with Motorola 6580


I'm running a Motorola Surfboard Extreme 6580 as my modem and main access point, but I have equipment downstairs in my home theater that I need LAN connections for. I want to set up another router/device as a wireless-n bridge to plug these into, and I don't want to spend more than necessary, but I want the best performance from my 6580. As the 6580 is only singal band, and my wife's computer only runs on 2.4ghz, I think I don't really need a dual band device, but a single band n device. I bought a netgear WNR2000v3 router, but when I try to bridge it (enable wireless repeating function) it tells me that I can not enable this function with AES, TKIP, or AES + TKIP enabled. The 6580 tells me I should use AES to get the best speed, and the WNR2000 won't let me use any security when bridging (the router's menu page hints tell me to enable WEP, but I don't even see an option for that, and it's pretty worthless as security I've been told). I think I need to return this WNR2000v3 and get something else. Can someone recommend a router that will let me bridge to the 6850, use good security, and get good throughput between the two?

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  1. I been using this ASUS RT-N12 with DD-WRT firmware

  2. I ended up going with the Asus RT-N16 and flashing DDWRT firmware to it. It works pretty well, but the transmission rate often drops down to 5.5 megabits and I have trouble streaming from it. When this happens, I reset the router and transmission rate jumps back up and it works well again.
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