Is it fine to have a really LOUD GPU FAN??

Hey guys my new Gpu is really loud , and it gets hot really quick as well? Pleaseee pleaseee Help
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  1. We need more info. Is it overclocked? Is it new?Used?Brand?Model?What do you use it for?
  2. catchme247 said:
    Hey guys my new Gpu is really loud , and it gets hot really quick as well? Pleaseee pleaseee Help

    it gets loud cos it is hot whats your airflow like in your case also check to make sure the heatsink on it isnt full of dust etc stopping air from flowing thru it making it get hot. by design some are noisier than others usually the ones where all the heat is passed out the back with radial fans also alot of dual gpu's tend to be noisy and sometimes cheaper gpu's just have a cheap minimal heatsink and cooling setup which translates to offensive noise! also check the fan profile within the driver, define hot too its quite normal for alot of gpus to go in excess of 80c
  3. Look up what you are supposed to be idling at, and under load temps. Grab a little monitoring software if you have to, most video card companies give you their version of one.. so you can look at GPU temps, fan speeds, etc. But like everyone has said, the GPU model is going to make all the difference of what is "normal"
  4. Thank You so much for all the replies.Really appreciate it. And to answer all the questions: Its a brand new dual fan Radeon 6870 by xfx. NOT OVERCLOCKED!!And I use it for playing Bf3 and such!And I do have a temp monitor called "cpu-z".Not sure if tht thing is accurate but, My temp rite after gaming goes up to 80-85? And my fan is incredibly loud, IT SOUND LIKE I am "installling a game from the DVD ROM!!! IS THT OKYY??? PLEASEEE REPLY and thnks in advance :)
  5. Can you find more detailed information?

    Case/#of fans:
    # of HDDs, DVD Drive:
    CPU Cooler/stock cooler or aftermarket cooler:
    GPU Driver version:
    GPU Idle temp. Make sure its read is on C, not F:
    Monitor resolution:
    BF3 Video setting and FPS:
  6. You can use msi afterburner to change your fan speeds, though is it C or F?
  7. If the temp is C, I don't think OP should tinker with fan speed at the moment. It's definitely hot, and fan needs to run fast, and loud. The origin of the excessive heat should be found first, and then fan speed setting can be adjusted.
  8. I would post this question to the XFX forums to see if anyone else with the same model is experiencing the loud issue and with the same temps. If they are then it may be normal for your model, if not you may have an issue with the heatsinks not seated properly causing the fans to go 100% in attempt to keep the GPU cool. This could eventually shorten the GPU life and fail.
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