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For a very long time now, TF2 has been crashing/freezing/stuttering/sound looping. All my other games do not do this. I have tried updating drivers, reseating my GPU, doing a clean install of Windows ( for another reason too), and the typical troubleshooting methods. I only tested my memory minimally, but I don't think it is the issue. It is either a problem with TF2, my GPU, or my drivers. Does anyone else have this issue. BTW, dxlevel 81 doesn't work. TF2 actually used to work. Is my videocard dying? Should I get a Radeon?
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  1. Actually, radeon tend to get into such problems more often. What kind of graphics card do you have? Did you check temperatures? What is your power supply?
  2. Try reinstalling TF2.
  3. I have tried reinstalling TF2. I have a GTX 480 and temps are VERY high (idling at 65c). However, I assumed the GTX 480 always runs warm. I have a 800 watt generic PSU, so I think that might be the issue.
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    Your temp is about 20c too high, unless you are running two monitors. PSU might be an issue, but it won't make your temps run so high. I would clean out the case and video card, and consider changing the thermal paste.

    When you update your drivers, make sure to do a clean install.

    You can also verify the TF2 game file integrity by right-clicking on the game in your Steam games list, then select Properties. You'll find the option to check the game files in there somewhere. If anything is missing or corrupted, it will download a fresh copy. You can also defragment your local TF2 game files the same way under Properties.
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