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Hey Tom's!

So I'm building a computer completely out of spare parts and was wondering what I should price it at and if the power supply is good enough for the setup. I'm looking to not spend very much money on the setup. I'd also like some opinions of what the pricing of the computer should be. I was thinking like $300-$400 maybe. Whatever you guys think. Here's the setup so far.

Intel E8400 on a stock Dell motherboard from a Dell XPS 630i
Corsair GS600 PSU
Thermaltake V9 Black Edition
2.5" 250GB Fujitsu HDD w/ Vista

Let me know what you guys think. Again, this is going to be built solely out of parts I already have or are acquiring. I am considering keeping it or using it, but I have little use for another computer. I have too darn many.
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  1. PSU is more than enough for it.
  2. Apparently as of 5 minutes ago, I am not acquiring the PSU from my friend who was not using it. Whats the best power supply I could get for cheap that could support this SLI setup? I was thinking CX600? Open to suggestions. Maybe even the Seasonic 620W, but thats a little expensive.
  3. This is the cheapest one I would be willing to get.
    This one for cheapest (not including sale of 10% off corsair) without rebate.

    500W is enough

    Whatever happened to the XPS 630i? I honestly like those cases and they were very nice computers when they came out.
  4. Dont listen to the troll above me. 500watts my ****. You need at the bare minimum 1200watts!! I highly reccomend at least 1400watts, as the person above me is trying to ruin your pc.
  5. HelloStranger said:
    Dont listen to the troll above me. 500watts my anus. You need at the bare minimum 1200watts!! I highly reccomend at least 1400watts, as the person above me is trying to ruin your pc.

    Seeing as you yourself are also a veteran member I trust you know these idiots when you read their info. Please when someone needs help we don't need people being stupid as you are here.

    The GTS 250's each have one PCI-E 6 pin connector so that's the minimum the PSU needs. Any any good brand PSU with two PCI-E connectors will do.
  6. Alright, even I know 1400W is absolutely way to much wattage. The GTS250's only have 1 6-pin each, as he said. I would only go 1400W if someone was trying to 3-way SLI some GTX680's maybe. With 2 GTS250's, I wouldn't even go further than 750W, that is if I was running a computer with maximum amounts of hard drives and optical drives, with a massive overclock on everything. Even then, the 550W would be plenty. 250's shouldn't use more than 240W of power on maximum load.

    Using the simple P=I*V, we find that the Antec 550W has 3 12V rails. 22A, 22A, and 25A. Which results in...well...I dont have a calculator, but its more than enough wattage to supply the SLI setup. Thanks for the recommendation andrewcarr, I know much about computers and components, but I'm pretty dead unsure when it comes to picking power supplies other than 12V rails and 80+ certifications.

    And believe it or not, the 630i's case is being used again. My totally awesome friend is using it again, because it is a really nice looking case. He is just going to throw an i5 in it with a new motherboard and RAM. I'm getting the board for free. He runs it with 2 550Ti's and the stock E8400, which will soon be upgraded.

    I like the look of that Antec one. Looks very promising. I was actually looking at the Antec Neo 620W, but this 550W has 3 12V rails, which is insane. My Ultra LSP750 in my main (I know its not fantastic, but its not bad) barely puts out 48A if I remember right. I'll probably end up replacing this as well, because I'm kinda scared its going to explode based on the reviews I have read on it on certain sites. Think I should upgrade or leave it?
  7. Well to be honest with the current price of PSU if you can afford it now I'd upgrade it.
    Assuming you want another good 750W here are some good choices.
    All of which are nice 750 watt PSU.
  8. I would most likely pick the power supply from Fry's on Friday, as I have more parts in the mail set to come on Thurdsay for my main so I can do it all on Friday, as my friends are all buying new gear and need my help to guide them.

    They do have the Antec High Current Gamer Series one, like the one you posted:

    The listing I believe is a type, because it lists the power supply as a 700W, even thought it is the same model as the Newegg listing.

    I would really like to get something modular, but this looks to be my only choice within my budget. Thanks for the recommendations!

    Looks like I'll go with the listed Antec 550W for the first computer, and get a new Antec High Current Gamer one for my main rig. Thanks!
  9. The PSU is 750W it must have been a typo writing 700W because if you read down further on the specs it does say 750W.
    How much power do you need because if you do want a modular PSU FRY's does sell this.
    Here's the same part on newegg
    It should be able to power the computer but only has 2 PCE-E connectors not 4.
  10. Well, here's what I've got:

    2500K @4.5 (subject to change because summer is hot) with a 212+
    MSI Z68MA-G45
    HIS Radeon HD6950 reference, unlocked shaders
    8GB Corsair XMS3 RAM
    Western Digital Caviar Black 500GB (x2)
    Western Digital Caviar Black 1TB
    a TV tuner card and a wireless card
    NZXT Vulcan case running (soon to be) 4 LED 120MM fans, 6 total including the CPU cooler.
    Aslo most of my USB ports are taken if that really makes a difference.

    On the power supply calculator you listed earlier, I have a recommended of 542W. I bought the Ultra LSP 750W because as a computer noob back in the day, I figured I would rather be safe than sorry, so I got a 750W.

    EDIT: In the case of me getting the power supply from Fry's, I might get this one for the other computer I am building:

    Should be sufficient I think.
  11. Yes it would be sufficient not modular though but still good.
  12. Yea I just want modular for mine, I don't care for the one being sold. I'll end up getting bot of the Antec ones, the 620W modular for my main, and the 520 regular for the one I am building.

    Again, thanks for your help. I really appreciate it. Best Answer for sure (then again the only other person I could give it to is that other guy......and he doesnt get it.....)
  13. lol Yes you could give it to the troll ;) but I'd rather you didn't. Glad I could help, best of luck with the build.
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