Is this a decent build?

I am currently researching to do my very first build. I am wondering if this build will work fine. This is my newegg build list I wanna know which graphics card you guys recommend, and if that processor/motherboard will do the job. I mainly want this computer for gaming. Thanks for everything!
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  1. I just clicked on your link however it said the wish list is empty.

    Please follow this link on asking for new build advice. It will help us help you better.
  2. rwayne said:
    I just clicked on your link however it said the wish list is empty.

    Please follow this link on asking for new build advice. It will help us help you better.

    Yeah I don't understand why it isn't working, it works fine when i send it to a friend on fb.
  3. If it were me. I would switch out the AMD motherboard & processor to Intel. There's a few good cheap motherboards with the z77 chipset out there that allows you to get the new ivy bridge or stay with sandy bridge Core i3/5/7. If you do go that route choose the i5 its quad core and will fill your gaming needs.

    As for the graphics card I personally would go with the XFX, because I have the sapphire version of that card, bf3, sc2, diablo 3 all running at ultra/extreme settings.
  4. Could you link me to a motherboard and processor your would choose? thanks!
  5. We can't see your parts list so instead please fill out that *how to ask for new build advice*. We need to know budget and main usage (games, ect.). Also what you have and don't need.
  6. If you're willing to switch to an intel CPU then you can get a better processor. But they cost a bit more although the i3's are quite nice for a similar price. Here's how they perform for gaming.,3120.html

    The 6870 is a much more powerful GPU than the 550Ti so go with the 6870.

    As for an internal HDD I'd get this if 500GB is enough (this is a great deal).
    If you miss that sale though this is okay too.

    The CD/DVD burner is fine. When I get one my logic is the cheaper the better.

    P.S. like the case choice but it has front panel USB 3.0 ports connected internally where your motherboard doesn't support that.

    What is the price that you want to spend?

    Do you not need a copy of windows? That alone is $100.
  7. Only thing I would change is the PSU. A 500w model is more than enough power for the 6870 (for proof).
  8. I already have a copy of windows. I would like to get the cheapest computer possible, but I want to be able to run the latest games with no lag
  9. Would your recommend a new case or motherboard?
  10. You still never mentioned budget but if you could I'd switch to these.
    The motherboard is actually a bit better than needed but would allow you to upgrade the CPU in the future. Also if you can spend a bit more I'd recommend an i5.
  11. That is actually cheaper then what I had, but is that i3 as quick as the amd I had?Could that motherboard support i5? I really don't know much about these.
  12. The motherboard I had linked can support both sandy bridge and ivy bridge which are both versions of CPU that can be put in 1155 sockets. The motherboard can support any of these models as long as it's 1155 (core 2 duo/i3/i5/17).
    As I previously posted, in games the i3 is better than the AMD.,3120.html
    The i3's are also faster at computer tasks in most cases.,3204.html,2974.html,3043.html
    All showing the superiority of the Intel's.
  13. Best answer
    The i3 2100 is not as powerful as the phenom 975 anywhere . The Phenom games better and thrashes the i3 in applications

    Look back through the tomshardware system builder marathons from last year for the $500 machines .
    Tests like the one linked above about the best under $200 processor use a high end graphics card and tell you nothing about the behavior of a computer using a mid range graphics card like a 6870 .
    The latest system builder marathon used a pentium that is recommended in that article and it fell flat on its face in the real world .

    If you want budget and performance get an AM3+ motherboard with a 970 series chip set , and either a phenom or an FX 4100 .
    The FX is cheaper than the phenom , games identically to the i3 2100 in DX 11 games. In some older DX 9 games the i3 is a little better because the game cant use 4 cores but from here on in 4 cores wins .
    Once you factor in that the FX can be overclocked [ and the i3 cant] then the FX is likely to be better even in those DX 9 games

    Even with a Radeon 6870 you only need a 500 watt psu . 80+ bronze or better rated
  14. tf_sketch said:

    The 4170 is an identical part to the 4100 , but its clocked a little higher . You can do that your self so theres no point paying the extra for the 4170 IMO

    The 6100 has more cores but the lower speed of each core reduces gaming performance . Again you can clock it to 4170 speeds your self so you'd expect gaming performance to be the same or very very little better . You would gain in encoding applications with the 6100 though
  15. now would your prefer the AMD FX-4100, or the AMD Phenom 975
    OR which AMD processor would your prefer.
    Here is a link of the stuff in my newegg wishlist
  16. Dude, even BF3 only uses 2 cores. The IPC of intel chips is much higher than AMD chips. (running analogy) Its not only about how fast you run, it's also about how long your steps are.
  17. AMD for life! Phenom 975 runs diablo 3 and starcraft 2 to the max! Gets what I need for alot less for a decent intel.
  18. No, don't look benchmarks. -__-
    because OBVIOUSLY cores and clock speed is ALL that matters...
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